Skincare for Men – 4 Easy Steps To Great Skin

We’re here to help you look your best, and that starts with your skin. Skincare doesn’t have to be a complicated regime of confusing lotions and potions, it only takes a few simple steps to get you looking and feeling great.

Long gone are the days of using the same soap all over your face and body, male skincare is becoming a priority for many of you alongside beard care.

We’ve pulled together our favourite products that only take up a few minutes of your time; they’ll keep you looking and feeling fresh and confident.


Start off by brushing off those dead skin cells that can leave your face looking dull, rough and tired. Our favourite is Skin Republic’s Charcoal Scrub; infused with walnut shell, rosehip & charcoal, it gently removes all those dead skin cells, preventing clogged pores and ingrown hairs. Formulated with Vitamins C and E, it visibly smooths and firms the skin without leaving it dry or tight.


Next up, use Elemis Deep Cleanse Facial Wash to deep clean your skin. Formulated with English oak bark, peppermint and spearmint, it has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, soothing the senses with its uplifting scent. Milk protein replenishes essential nutrients, leaving the skin healthy and rejuvenated.


Lastly, hydrate your skin with a good moisturiser that works best for you. Try Elemis’ Daily Moisture Boost for a great everyday cream. The light, hydrating cream is formulated to nourish and moisturise your skin, especially after shaving. If you’re looking to even out your skin tone and to protect your face from damaging sun rays, try Fadeout Advance Moisturiser with SPF25 which leaves your face nourished and hydrated as well as protected.




For that little bit extra…

If you’ve got a little extra time one evening, why not try this Skin Republic Energising Sheet Mask? Simply pop it on whilst you’re watching one of your favourite TV shows and let it work its magic. After 20 minutes, your skin will feel extra hydrated and energised, giving you that glow we all dream of.

That’s it! Four simple steps to radiant, youthful skin that anyone can add to their daily routine. It can take as little as five minutes to keep your skin looking younger for longer – trust us, future you will thank you!