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Looking for the secret to great, youthful skin? You’ve come to the right place!

There are SO many lotions and potions out there promising their concoction of creams and serums have ingredients that can turn back the hands of time and minimise those pesky wrinkles; but how do you know which ones actually work without spending a small fortune?

What is Retinol?

Well, say hello to your new anti wrinkle friend, Retinol, an absolute powerhouse of anti-ageing magic.

Backed up by scientific evidence, Retinol is one of a few ingredients that shows a physical reduction in wrinkle appearance as well as preventing further ageing due to its exfoliating and collagen-boosting qualities. It’s like a time machine in a bottle!

A derivative of Vitamin A, Retinol works to reduce the look of fine lines, evens out skin tone and refines the skin’s surface, creating the appearance of plumper, smoother skin. As it increases cell turnover and boosts collagen and elastin levels, it can treat a variety of skin conditions such as pigmentation and acne – that’s all in addition to its anti-wrinkle magic.

How To Use Retinol

When introducing Retinol to your skin care regime, don’t use it on a morning, as sunlight makes it less active. Staring with one or two nights a week, massage a pea-sized amount on clean skin, preferably half an hour before any other skin care products to let it really work its magic, then as your skin gets used to it you can increase the frequency. Overuse may cause redness, dryness and flaky skin, so start off small and build up, and always finish off with a hydrating moisturiser.

Unfortunately, if your skin is super sensitive Retinol may be the one for you as it may cause inflammation which can lead to eczema or rosacea.

A Retinol Top Tip

Don’t use Retinol in combination with acids as they can make it less effective. Try using it for a few weeks at a time and then swap it out for acids like Glycolic or Salicylic depending on your skin’s needs. There’s some evidence to suggest cell turnover no longer occurs after 3 months of continued use so breaking it up with other skin care ingredients allows your skin a break to maximise its anti-ageing abilities.

Our Favourite Retinol Products

Indeed Labs Retinol Reface Skin Resurfacer is a unique 3-in-1 formula that combines Retinol RA, Retinol-Like Peptide and plant-based Retinol Microspheres to help deliver softer, smoother, noticeably younger-looking skin.

The Ordinary Retinol 1% in Squalane is another triumph from the industry favourite with a low price tag for high-quality ingredients. They’ve also made an adapted version for those with sensitive skin who may not react well to full strength Retinol called The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 5% in Squalane. This next-generation retinoid active complex has been shown to offer better results against multiple signs of ageing without the irritation that is associated with traditional Retinol.

Skin Republic’s Retinol Hydrogel Face Mask is an anti-ageing face mask sheet which supports the natural formation of collagen, working to calm stressed complexions. Radiance-boosting peony, jojoba and Hyaluronic acid replenish depleted hydration levels, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Our age doesn’t just show on our face, it also shows on our hands. That’s why we love Skin Republic’s Retinol Hand Mask which stimulates collagen to replace lost firmness and elasticity, targeting the visible signs of ageing.


That’s it, the key to youthful skin! Who knew it was so simple? Forget botox and expensive facials, these purse friendly products are your secret weapon against wrinkles and ageing. Shh..we won’t tell if you don’t!