April 29, 2019 Vanessa Cain 0Comment

The sun’s been back out to play and we’re reminded how much we love all things shiny! With that in mind, we’re (at least temporarily) stepping off the matte train and we’re welcoming our good friend gloss back to the driving seat.

Let’s talk about ways you need to embrace a glossier face this season.

The classic – gloss for lips

An oldie but a goodie. Gloss is the perfect partner for summer makeup looks. Whether you’re thinking minimal sun-kissed day wear, or full-on festival glam, there’s a gloss for that. Minimal make-up is a whole mood right now and we know there’s nothing we love more than finishing off a subtle sun-kissed glow with a dab of gloss. You can of course take a cue from your bare-faced beauty and opt for a simple, fail-safe clear gloss to add some shine, or opt for a plumping coat to add a little more oomph.

The eye opener – gloss for eyes

Your eyes deserve to shine too, so stay with us when we say that a little gloss on your lids goes a long way. Again, it’s a great way to add to a dewy, sunkissed look or draw some serious attention to a bolder eye shadow.

Less is definitely more here, it doesn’t take much to bring the shine to your eye looks, so try gently dabbing some gloss from the end of your finger to lightly cover your eyelids and if you’re going for bold add the same shine over some creative shadow.

The all-rounder – gloss for cheeks

We know shiny faces won’t appeal to everyone, but we’re talking about a hint of highlight on those cheeks that’ll lift your summer skin. Same as with the eyes, just a small amount of gloss on your finger and lightly dab across the top of your blusher. You’ll get that insta-perfect glow immediately.

So there you have it, get creative with your gloss, see beyond the limitations of your lips and play around, you might just like it! We’ve picked out some of our favourites, depending on your courage level and you can shop them below!

Some of our favourites…

Bare necessities – The good all-rounder

This is the area for you if you’re ready to play around. Use this on your lips, cheeks and eyes if you’re feeling brave or seeking a little more shimmer in your life! Scented and beautiful to boot, this Glossy Pops Coney Island Ice Cream Lip Balm and Gloss duo. With a balm and clear shine gloss, this is perfect for a little extra boost here and there.

The volumiser – best for lips

This one is really just for your lips, so if you’re seeking a plumping shine, you can try ARTDECO Glossy Lip Volumiser.

Going for bold – best for eyes

Ok, so if you’re thinking it’s almost festival time and my eyes deserve to take centre stage, you could apply a hint (or a whole load) of this Beauty Boulevard Glitter Lips to your upper lids to brighten them up! Available in a range of shades.