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Spring Nail Art from Of Beauty And Nothingness

The lovely Heather from Of Beauty And Nothingness has given us a step by step guide to creating a sweet summer nail art look.

Firstly, start with the CND polish in the shade Clay Canyon which is a gorgeous dusky rose shade with beige/brown undertones; it’s a fantastic everyday shade. Two coats are needed for a fully opaque colour.

Next, using a nail dotting tool or even a bobby pin, draw a simple flower head shape on the nails at different heights and sizes. I used the CND polish in the shade Desert Poppy for the flowers as it is a perfect spring coral shade. I’ve been using this shade on its own for over one week and with the CND Weekly Top Coat, it does last a good week with very minimal wear.

Lastly, I used a cocktail stick (they are invaluable for nail art as they have such a fine tip) and I used it to draw a line for the flower stems and occasional leaves on the flower stems with the shade Mint Convertible. As with the Desert Poppy shade, this mint green shade is going to be a staple shade for spring/summer. This design is so simple and easy, anyone will be able to recreate it with whichever shades you want. A blue background using the CND Azure Wish or Cerulean Blue polishes would be pretty too or even a white background using the CND Cream Puff polish.

Finish with a thick coat of the CND Weekly Top Coat which I was a little sceptical about at first but after using it with the CND polishes, I can definitely say that it is very long wearing and I would highly recommend these polishes and the pretty amazing top coat.


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